Google Cloud Computing

Cloud, I’m sure you’re familiar with this word with the growing technological world.

For those of you who are still confused with the grey vapours in the sky, we’re not exactly talking about that.

Cloud in a simple sense is a way of storing and accessing data over the Internet. Most of us have Google drive where we store or data and it is accessible throughout the Google offered services like Gmail, Google classroom, Google classroom etc.

But big companies aren’t storing their data on a 15 gb limit on a drive account (at least I hope so).

Corporates and IT players use Cloud computing services which in a beginner sense means the storage of databases of these companies as well as computation, analytics, insights and a hundred other functions that various sites offer.


Google seems to dominate the market in cloud computing services with its Google cloud Platform.

It offers a wide variety of resources for its customers to rely on. The platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage and application development.

Google cloud computing makes the infrastructure of the website / company (let’s just easily say organisation)

The data of the corporates are stored on Google data centres spanned all over the globe.


Some of the Big Players that make use of Google cloud computing services are:

Snapchat – The dog filter frenzy app which compels us to maintain streaks with friends we forget to talk to.

It stores its data to ensure interruption less communication and the are: various tools of GCP (GOOGLE COMPUTING PLATFORM) helps to recommend filters to an individual’s own likeness

Twitter- The millennials source of News and their favourite gossip about their celebrities also uses GCP to offer tweets and threads to their own likeness

YouTube – Google uses GCP for its own internal end to end use as well. So now you know who to thank for the time vacuum like addiction of YouTube.

Spotify – Spotify stores its tremendous amounts of data on GCP. It enables to offer a flawless continuous service all over the globe.

Evernote recently shifted to GCP in order to better serve their 200 million customers.

There are countries other corporate that use GCP like Nintendo, Macy’s, Sky, FedEx, PayPal, Bloomberg etc


Google cloud platform gains an advantage over its competitors by offering an easy interface for people to understand, reasonable by-the-time prices as well as discounted prices for the long run.


GCP offers state of the art security for its consumers. They have hired the most polished set of professionals to guard the data which companies store, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Even if the data is by mistakenly deleted by a company, Google cloud platform offers backups of that data for immediate use. (it’s that careful best friend for every careless individual)

The lighting fast services of Google Cloud offers significantly faster load times for our very patient generation (sarcasm intended). In a test, a website which migrated to GCP was flawlessly able to host 70k+ concurrent visitors without a trouble. The load times were reduced from 1 second to 500 Ms.


As you can see GCP offers the best service in the market for cheaper prices with a renowned network impacting every corner of the world. It boasts a ton of advantages with a security that 99.9999999% durable (I mean even Dettol doesn’t kill as many germs).


So, if you’re planning to have a start-up, with hundreds of thousands of visitors and plus, GCP can be the one to set your business up for long term prosperity.