An old WhatsApp scam is re-emerging, here’s how to identify it and stay safe

In today’s time, as the world is becoming increasingly digital and technology is increasing, the cases of cybercrime and digital fraud are also increasing. Every day there are many such messages on someone’s phone or Whatsapp, which first lure you with money, but later it turns out that you have been a victim of such a fraud, which you cannot even detect.

Scammers are sending messages to users stating that they have won Rs 25 lakh worth of lottery. For the scam to look authentic, scammers are using photos of Amitabh Bachchan and Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). A message is being sent from a non-Indian number +92 306 0373744 that includes a poster image stating that the user has won Rs 25 lakh prize money in a lottery. Along with the poster comes an audio message that also explains the process of getting the money transfer to the bank account.

Scammers have used similar tricks in the past as well to dupe users into stealing their financial details like bank account numbers and more. This is one of many ways that hackers use to fool users on WhatsApp.

How to prevent from Whatsapp scams?

  • Set up “2-Factor Authentication” on WhatsApp. Once this is set up, if installing WhatsApp on a new device, WhatsApp will request the 6-digit code you have set as well as the verification they send you. This will make account hijacking much more difficult to achieve.
  • Stop: Take time before you respond. Make sure your WhatsApp two-step verification is switch on to protect your account, and that you are happy with your privacy settings. Never open messages from a suspicious phone number. In this case, a non-Indian number.
  • Think: Does this request make sense? Are they asking for money? Remember that scammers prey on people’s kindness, trust, and willingness to help. Never click on suspicious links or share OTP with anyone. Never forward such messages to anyone.
  • If someone asks you to send a verification code, never send it without question. Always seek contact with the person you think you are talking to in a different way. The above is important if the person requesting the verification code is unknown to you. Keep in mind that if a person needs a verification code, they could simply request it again from WhatsApp instead of contacting you.