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Today I Will Show You How To How To Earn Money From RozDhan

RozDhan is an android application 8 Million+ downloads and 900K+ active installations that offers ways to make extra money. It can be downloaded from the Play Store in your mobile. Offered globally in languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu it aspires to benefit masses. This App Is 100% Genuine Many Of Them Are Earning 1000 To 2000 Per Month From This App.

This App Is Use A Part Time. Either Watching Videos On Websites Just Go To App And Earn Money From It.

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How To Use This App?

Using This App Is Quite Easy You And Use This App By Just Opening Daily And Earn Points Which Convert Into Rupees In 24 Hours. When You Start Your Account, You Will get 7 days Bonus By Just Opening The App Daily And Check In You will Get Bonus For That.

How To Earn Money Inviting Friends?

Invite Friends Has 2 Level Of Income As:

1:- 1500 Coins When Your Friend reads News. Earn 500 Coins On Day 1 And 1000 In Day 2

2:- 250/Friend When They Invite Further

In This Way You Can Earn Unlimited money By Inviting Your Friends And Asking Them To Invite Further.

Other New Feature Has Updated On this App Is Share Article and earn Money

In Sharing You Earn Lot Of Money.

You Can Earn Upto 100 Coins/Article. You earn 20 Coins Upon Sharing And Additional 80 Coins When Your Friends Read The Article @5 Coins/Read. For Example, You Share One Article To Your Friends And 10 Of Them read The Article. So You earn 70 Coins.

1:- Share All The Article Available To You Daily

2:- Share Them To Maximum Friends (Groups, Websites Etc.)

3:- Ask Them To Read The Articles Daily

For Example , If You Share 10 Articles daily And 16 Friends read All the Articles, You Earn 100 Coins From each Article Providing An Income Of 1000 Coins In A Day.

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